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Azure Services from Softcat

Your cloud mission, accomplished.

Wherever you are in your cloud journey, you’re in the right place.

As your go-to for everything Azure, we’ll get you set for powerful cloud capabilities by reducing all the challenges into simple steps and advice, so you can be sure of a powerful business outcome every time.

Whether you want to map out the way onwards and upwards, move out of your on-premises software or maintain peak performance and security, we’ll make the process infinitely rewarding.

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Softcat Azure Services Overview

The Azure Journey

Whether you’ve had a head start or are just embarking, reaching your desired cloud destination has never been easier.

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Azure Strategy Advisory

Plan before you take off

The cloud can completely transform your organisation. But you can’t launch without first understanding the way to success. That’s why we do the groundwork to assess how you can bring cloud best practices to life, whether you’re starting out or need to get the most out of your environment. You’ll emerge crystal-clear on your route to long-term cloud control with the tools to realise your business ambitions.


Azure Adoption Accelerator

Ready to launch

Stepping into the public cloud can feel like entering into a world of the unknown, but we’ve created a service to make things, well, less cloudy. From getting you off to a flying start to clearing any concerns or questions, we’ll show you that the sky’s the limit. 10 minutes is all it takes to get you up and running with a simplified process that’s sped up through automation - saving you time and hassle.

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Azure Migration Assessment

Fuel migration success

The dazzling promise of digital transformation often gets dampened by the headache of wondering which workloads to migrate and where you should protect on-premises. We’ll guide you towards the migration path that will spark ongoing cost savings. Analysing the bigger picture, we investigate every factor affecting your infrastructure, from business drivers to discovering what’s blocking the transition and how to unlock your hybrid connectivity options.

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Azure Security and Health Assessment

Illuminate stellar security

Businesses can’t afford to take risks, yet many leave their cloud security in the dark with a poorly configured environment. Our technical consultants take the strain off the process, uncovering hidden areas of risk and pinpointing where cost savings can be made. Equipped with industry-leading tools, you’ll have the power to regain control and make critical business decisions at speed.

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AVD Adoption Accelerator

Make IT work, wherever you are

Today’s working world demands flexibility without any hassle, because working from home or on-the-go shouldn’t have to be a compromise. Teams need access to all the same apps, data and tools without a hitch. Azure Virtual Desktop accelerates your set up to secure, effective solutions while getting your IT team fully on board. From a pilot deployment to top training, we’ll help you adopt and adapt at speed.

Why Softcat for Azure?

At Softcat, we work closely with you to take your Azure to the next level. Cutting through the complexity of the cloud, we put your business and your people’s unique needs first to find a solution that’ll really power transformative effects.

Our experience, expertise and longstanding relationships with key partners means you’ll constantly be able to seize new technologies and stay ahead of the curve.

Ready to feel assured about your Azure?