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Disaster Recovery as a Service



Softcat's Disaster Recovery as-a-Service (DRaaS) provides a platform to support your organisation's vital business continuity plan. In the event of disaster: system failure, natural disaster, human theft or error, it's imperative that your IT systems continue to operate as usual. Our cloud-based service provides the technology and expertise to bring IT systems back online. Our DRaaS provides an IT disaster recovery plan, meaning that you don't have to pour your time and money into running a separate, organisation-specific disaster recovery platform. We're already doing it, so we're happy to give you access to our platform and our expertise, giving you time to focus on your organisation's priorities.

Our service includes

24/7/365 support and monitoring

Disasters don’t work to schedule, so neither do we. Our disaster recovery service team is available every minute of every day, meaning that you’ll be able to access our platform and expertise from our UK-based operations centres whenever you need it.

Online DR portal

Our online portal gives you the ability to manage, test and report on the disaster recovery service at any time. We make sure you have complete control of failover testing, ensuring that you can remain confident in the platform and its capabilities.

Disaster recovery testing

We offer full support, both proactive and reactive, to ensure your disaster recovery testing is as effective as possible. You can book our time in advance, or we’re always available to answer queries on the spot. DRaaS is zero impact, so your users will be unaware a test is even taking place, and we provide a one-click failover, making life as simple as possible for testing an important process.

Automatic failback

Our systems provide automated failback, so in the event of a real disaster or test, systems will be seamlessly restored once the problem is resolved, or test ended. The technology we use on the platform works efficiently to ensure failback is as quick and as straightforward as possible with no resultant issues.

Why Softcat for DRaas?

Working 24/7/365 from our UK-based operations centre our dedicated DRaaS team has many years of experience in data protection and recovery. Their focus is solely on protecting and restoring organisations’ data.

We understand the value and importance of every piece of data to each organisation, so our guidance and support considers your organisation's objectives to ensure the best fit for your requirements.

Our aim is to support your business continuity plan by providing a reliable and effective disaster recovery solution. Our simple and straightforward approach to disaster recovery combines technology and expertise to ensure peace of mind. If we already provide solutions for you, placing your disaster recovery with us will allow a consolidation of service, giving you a single point of contact for a range of services and simplifying your processes.