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Check Point R81: Technical Update

23 November 2021 at 10:00 GMT

Check Point released its new management platform, R81.10, back in July. Following this, Check Point and Softcat will be providing an update on best practice, tips on using any new features, and giving you a forum to ask any questions to our technical team.

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This session will cover new features such as:

Quantum Security Gateway and Gaia R81.10. Check Point launched its industry leading threat prevention and security management software in July, with a focus on uncompromising simplicity and consolidation.

Quantum Security Management. The SmartConsole is automatically updated with the latest fixes and improvements. R81.10 adds new dynamic log distribution to add log server capacity on demand and, as part of scalable platforms, R81.10 brings a unique mix and match ability to leverage different Quantum security gateways within a single Quantum Maestro security group. R81.10 also includes major improvement in operational security efficiency across the management server’s reliability, performance, and scale.

CloudGuard Network Security. R81 introduced the first Autonomous Threat Prevention system that provides fast, self-driven policy creation and one-click security profiles, always keeping policies up-to-date. Policies install in seconds, upgrades require only one click, and the gateways can simultaneously upgrade in minutes. Critical operations, such as APIs, high availability synchronization, and login are also more reliable and faster than ever.

In this technical update, we will be discussing all the above and more.