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AWS Storage Services

Elevate your cloud storage with AWS & Softcat

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Cloud storage is a critical component of cloud computing Why?

Because each of your key business applications rely on some form of data storage architecture and cloud storage is typically more reliable, scalable and secure than traditional on-premises systems. That’s why, at Softcat, we’ve partnered with AWS to offer you a complete range of cloud storage services to support both your application and archival compliance requirements. It means you can select from object, file, and block storage services, as well as cloud data migration options, to start designing the foundation of your cloud IT environment.

Move it, use it and protect it

As an APN Consulting Partner, we can help you migrate to AWS storage or maximise your existing services. We provide secure and efficient solutions for running primary workloads in the cloud or via a hybrid-infrastructure.

Primary Storage

Primary storage is used to capture and retain digital information that is in active use, making it critical for your operations. Therefore, our primary storage solutions are designed to leverage file, block, object and streamed data formats as an extension to on-premises storage. By adopting our primary storage solutions, you can reduce your native cloud footprint while improving efficiency, speed of creation and time to market

Backup and recovery

The exponential growth of data worldwide has made managing backups more difficult than ever. With traditional methods unable to cope with the demand, cloud backup and restore solutions enable you to defend your data with unmatched durability and security. Our backup and restore solutions protect your data from physical or logical errors by using AWS to enable reliable recovery strategies.


Our archive solutions leverage Amazon S3 Glacier for durable and cost-effective long-term data backup. With our support, you can quickly build a comprehensive, reliable and non-time sensitive cloud storage solution that safely stores your data, protects it, enables easy data transfer, and allows managed access – meaning you can control the users and services that access your resources.

In Partnership

We work with trusted industry-leading partners to provide products and solutions that integrate with your environments. These offerings complement our existing AWS services, enabling you to deploy a comprehensive storage architecture and deliver a seamless experience across your cloud and on-premises environments.

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Why Softcat?

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Softcat provides seamless AWS storage solutions – including Amazon EBS and Amazon S3 – for cloud and on-premise environments that enable you to do more for your business. Via AWS solutions that include backup, archiving, disaster recovery and file transfer, we help small to large businesses manage their data through our multiple-award winning team that has more than 80 years of combined experience. Our approach is deeply consultative and we’re technology agnostic, working with the industry’s biggest partners. This means we offer a truly independent, holistic service that’s tailored to the unique needs of each business we work with.

Take your cloud storage to the next level

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