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The 2021 Business Tech
Priorities Report

Gain insights and knowledge from over 1,200 IT professionals, and unlock the potential of technology within your organisation

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Insights from over 1,200 customers

Each year, Softcat asks its customers what technology solutions and services they plan to prioritise over the next 12 months to help them overcome the biggest challenges they are facing today.

This year’s annual Softcat Business Tech Priorities Report is based on the views of nearly 1,300 customers in the UK and Ireland, offering a valuable insight into the IT landscape and how organisations are unlocking value, driving efficiency and empowering their people through smarter technology use.

“Investment in enterprise IT and viewing digital transformation as a continuous process of improvement will be key to future prosperity, no matter the size of your organisation or the markets you operate in”

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Key themes

Organisations are accelerating digital transformation

Organisations are diversifying their IT investments across a broader number of areas to accelerate digital transformation, offload non-core IT services and support the transition to hybrid working

Digital Workspace is the top investment for organisations

Digital Workspace is the top technology investment area for 2021 as organisations look to create a first-class employee experience

Cyber Security importance increases

Cyber security ranks in second place, with models becoming focused on the user

Other IT areas fall in priority

Networking is the third biggest technology priority, closely followed by Datacentre and Cloud in fourth

Sustainability is important in decision making

Sustainability in the context of IT investment is becoming more important to organisations, signalling a shift towards greener and more ethically conscious decision making

The new way of working is impacting organisations

Return to office, hybrid working, and IT budgeting are the biggest technology challenges organisations are facing across industries

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