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Case Study: St John Ambulance

Coming to the aid of St John Ambulance

St John Ambulance, the UK’s leading first aid charity, is addressing PCI DSS compliance with the implementation of a security information event management (SIEM) solution from LogRhythm, the company that makes log data useful. Provided by Softcat, LogRhythm will bring a new level of automated reporting and alerting to St John Ambulance which will simplify how the organisation manages its network and meets its compliance responsibilities.

The Challenge

With income generated by its first aid training programmes, service delivery programmes which provide first aid at public events, and through charitable donations, St John Ambulance is classed as a Level 3 PCI DSS merchant. In order to meet the log data requirements of PCI DSS, St John Ambulance assessed a number of log data offerings before selecting Softcat and LogRhythm. Karl Heydenrych, IT director, St John Ambulance explains the choice:

“Softcat demonstrated an excellent understanding of our operation and how the different technologies available could help meet our needs. As such, we fully trusted the company’s suggestion that we add LogRhythm to our shortlist of log data management solution providers. We evaluated a number of offerings but LogRhythm stood out as being more flexible and configurable than the others. We believe that this ensures a better fit for our business and brings us a faster return on investment.”

The Solution

LogRhythm will collect logs from the various PCI DSS components on the St John Ambulance network and will alert on any out of ordinary activity – from firewall to workstation activity. Before LogRhythm, St John Ambulance’s IT team collected log data manually which made any analysis or forensic investigations time consuming and more reactive than proactive. Beyond the PCI DSS compliance implementation, St John Ambulance anticipates developing LogRhythm’s use to provide better visibility over changing activity across the entire IT estate by capturing and reporting on anomalies as and when they occur.

Ross Brewer, Vice President and Managing Director APAC & EMEA at LogRhythm adds, “Charitable organisations such as St John Ambulance are no more immune to internal or external threats than any large blue chip company. However, they do often have a greater challenge when it comes to keeping operational costs minimal. Having File Integrity Monitoring fully included within the SIEM solution ensures a straightforward approach to identifying that any unauthorised modifications to systems or files without the added expenditure and time required to install and operate a separate system.”

At a Glance

  • Ensure PCI compliance
  • Overcome necessity for manual analysis and forensics
  • Proactive monitoring of log data

Key Facts

  • UK’s leading first aid charity
  • In 2011 taught 800,000 people first aid
  • Teaching first aiders across the community including the workplace and schools
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