VMware software licensing - VSSP

VMware’s leadership in enterprise virtualisation and cloud computing presents service providers with unique opportunities for revenue, differentiation and growth.

The VMware Service Provider Programme (VSPP) was created for partners who offer cloud computing and/or hosted IT services to enterprise and SMB organisations. Through a product subscription model, VSPP allows partners flexibility in offering virtualisation solutions, applications and services to their customers with no up-front expenses.

Softcat is a VMware Authorised VSPP Aggregator and our dedicated SPLA team have considerable experience working with VMware on the VSPP. As a leading UK provider under the programme we have worked with all kinds of service providers to create VMware software licensing agreements that match business needs with the right cloud computing solutions and virtualisation technology.

VSPP programme detail:

Zero start-up costs – use VMware software on a subscription basis

Points based license model - where each VMware product is equivalent to a set number of points per month based upon estimated usage commitments

Monthly reporting - report usage each month and pay the agreed to minimum plus any overages

Latest technology - acquire the latest VMware product versions to continually remain up-to-date

Production level support included - for VMware products rented under the VSPP subscription programme

Enjoy larger discounts – with each increment in minimum commitment

If you’re looking to leverage VMware technology in the delivery of existing or future IT services, get in touch. Our knowledgeable team of experts is ready to help, and with experience constructing countless service provider agreements of this kind, we’re confident we’ll find a solution that’s both commercially attractive and puts you in a great position to take advantage of the market opportunity.