Double-Take Software Licensing

Double-Take software licensing

Double-Take, now part of Vision Solutions, has established a reputation for easy to use and affordable data protection, backup and availability solutions. Now, through the Vision Cloud Protection and Recovery (CPR) Programme, service providers have the opportunity to license Double-Take software as an integrated element of your end-user services.

Softcat works as a leading provider of Double-Take data protection and recovery solutions under the CPR Programme. We work with service providers to take advantage of Double-Take Availability and Double-Take RecoverNow solutions, made accessible through CPR.

Recover lost data with fast and easy data backup solutions, and achieve unmatched data recovery flexibility that saves you time and hassle:

  • Real-time asynchronous server and data replication over wide area networks
  • Automated failover capabilities that reduce downtime to minutes
  • Remote availability services that meet aggressive recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • Double-Take RecoverNow provides a many-to-one deployment model that protects data to consolidated disk repositories
  • RTOs far superior to tape restore

Both Double-Take Availability and Double-Take RecoverNow offer the ability to protect entire physical or virtual servers continuously and recover those servers to physical, virtual, or cloud environments for maximum flexibility. This presents an attractive range of options for service providers looking to enhance or refresh data protection services offered to customers.

The CPR Programme incorporates SPLA, Hosting Provider, and Managed Service Provider programmes. Enrolled partners can be both a member of the CPR Programme and the Double-Take Partner Programme, giving them access to perpetual software licences as well.

If you’re interested in exploring Double-Take's data protection and recovery solutions further, our resident experts are available to answer your questions and build you a tailored software licensing agreement.