Citrix Software Licensing

Citrix SPLAs

Softcat has been working with Citrix to support the service provider community for a number of years. Through the Citrix Service Provider Programme (CSPP) we deliver Citrix software services and Citrix hosted applications on a rental, subscription or services basis.

Designed with the business goals of service providers in mind, the Citrix Service Provider Programme aims to deliver simplicity, flexibility, and no up-front licence fee commitments.

  • No upfront commitment or start-up costs
  • Flexible active subscriber pricing model
  • Access to the most current product versions
  • Use rights protection for all products
  • Guaranteed pricing stability

If you fall into one of the following categories, the chances are you’ll get a huge benefit from the Citrix Service Provider Programme:

  • Do you provide software services and hosted apps on a rental, subscription or services basis?
  • Are you a hosting provider, an ASP, a SI or an ISV that provides software as a service?
  • Is one of your primary objectives as a service provider to avoid up-front licence fees and minimum commitments?
  • Is your goal to maximise the number of end-users served from the same underlying software?
  • Will your customers accept not owning the software or having it located at their site?

For existing users of Windows Server and Terminal Services, CSPP also provides a variety of additional services and efficiencies tailored specifically to you:

  • Centralised control
  • Application compatibility
  • Optimised user experience through a variety of profile settings and usage characteristics
  • Comprehensive access
  • Scalability for thousands of subscribers

Whether you’re an existing Citrix user or are exploring the technology for the first time, our team of resident experts are available to answer your questions and help construct an SPLA that meets your individual needs.