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About Softcat


Everything from legislative changes to standardisation is helping to foster increased use of e-Procurement across the supply chain. Benefits of e-Procurement software can include increased efficiency and cost savings.

Softcat is well placed to support businesses who already work in this way, or indeed wish to embrace e-Procurement for the first time. 

eCAT Online Portal – Developed specifically to support customers wanting to trade electronically with Softcat, eCAT is a rich data source to help better manage supplier relations and provide access to bespoke catalogue and price information.

Electronic Trading – For organisations with an existing e-Procurement platform we can dovetail into this system seamlessly as we are able to receive orders electronically, invoice electronically and importantly provide bespoke XML data exports.

Marketplaces – If you’re already using an established industry specific marketplace we are happy to supply our services in this way.

Importantly, we do not see e-Procurement as a standalone means of interaction with our customers, but rather as a tool to complement the services we deliver.


eCAT is Softcat’s online reporting and e-Procurement site, which has been developed as a result of feedback from our customers. Its primary focus is to provide in-depth reporting and an efficient method of procurement, designed with the customer in mind. It offers a quick, secure way of purchasing without the need to be in contact with your account manager. Driving and developing relationships with our customers is priority, so that we can be on hand to help them make the right decisions when purchasing their IT.

eCAT has not been designed to replace our account managers, but rather to provide our customers with an additional method of procurement. Its purpose is to improve our long term relationships, add value, and provide a service specific to your needs. There are two main functions within eCAT – reporting and ordering. Between you and your account manager you can decide what functionality you need and how to tailor it to suit your organisation’s individual requirements.


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