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Why do I need to upgrade to Windows 10?

As Windows 7 mainstream support runs out in January 2020, any system still using the platform will become outdated and vulnerable to security breaches.

In a world where cyber-attacks are a constant threat to all organisations, make sure that you are a step ahead by updating your computer to Windows 10 now. Don’t leave it to the last possible moment to secure your business. Even if you have already made the switch, there are exciting hardware and software refresh options that further accelerate and protect your business.

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The benefits of Windows 10



Robust features such as Windows Hello and Windows Information Protection makes Windows 10 the most secure operating system to date.


User experience

The familiar look and feel of Windows but with a modern touch, voice, app, and search interface to meet the demands of today’s interconnected multi-device world where collaboration thrives.


Ease of management

Windows 10 has moved into Windows-as-a-Service. Organisations will no longer fall behind on software versions as the platform is set to stay relevant for the long haul.

The risks of legacy platforms

In 2020, when support for Windows 7 ends, malicious actors will step up their activities to exploit the vulnerabilities of the platform. And there will be little that organisations can do to stop them if they have left the door open.

Plus, Windows 10 is the only system supported by any Intel or AMD 7th generation processor or later, or any Qualcomm processor after the 8996. You can’t refresh your hardware to expand your business reach and exploit its potential with legacy software that doesn't support change.

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Your journey to Windows 10

Your Journey to Windows 10 presents great opportunity and growth. Its important to ensure your organisation is considering all key areas of the upgrade to get the most out of this new operating system. Our five-step framework, shown below, ensures that all areas are considered to provide a full solution to the upgrade.

Get Your Windows 10 Guide

As part of this full solution, we’ve broken down the eight key stages of your journey to Windows 10 and outlined them in our helpful Windows 10 guide, available to download below. In our guide, we’ve given advice for your organisation on what it should consider when making key decisions and undertaking activities at each of the eight stages, for a successful migration.

Download your W10 guide


Check your apps are Windows 10 compatible and then retire, refresh or repackage where necessary. Deploy your Universal Windows Platform (UWP), MSI or packaged apps to a supported version of Windows 10, then begin the next cycle of application discovery and maintenance.


Define your required IT infrastructure and compare it against your current state. Use best practice guidance and design work streams to bridge the gap. Deploy services and configure systems to meet Windows 10 requirements and explore the Windows-as-a-Service update model.

Data & Settings

Identify data stored on client devices and decide what to protect, retire, or migrate. Develop a process to capture user accounts, user files and app settings, then use Microsoft User State Migration Tool (USMT), or a third-party offering to perform the migration.

Client hardware

Identify devices compatible with Windows 10 which meet your specific needs and find your technology shortfall. Develop a purchase strategy for new devices and a safe disposal protocol for retiring devices as you move to Windows-as-a-Service, while considering Device-as-a-Service options. Download the datasheet


Choose the version of Windows 10 to suit your needs, using free-of-charge evaluation licenses if you need proof of concept. Obtain licenses from Microsoft and evaluate the need for step-up licenses and Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). We’ll keep you informed of semi-annual feature releases.


Prepare your people for change by using questionnaires and workshops to create an educational course that will cover all necessary areas. Build a content and communications plan and run pilots to find shortfalls. Make sure resources are available for those who need a refresh or missed the initial sessions.

Upgrading with Softcat

From discovering the right technology for your organisation, through to implementation and ongoing innovation—Softcat has a range of services that take you from concept to control of your IT environment. Utilise our Lifecycle and Professional Services to identify the best technology for your needs, and leverage our Device as-a-Service consumption-based leasing models to maximise potential while reducing running costs for organisations.

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