Surface Pro 4 touches down! Here’s seven reasons it's better than ever for business

Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2015
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By Craig Lodzinski
Chief Technologist for Emerging Technologies

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4: First Look

Today, Microsoft launched a variety of new products, arguably the most important of which was the new Surface Pro 4.  There’s no doubt that with each new release of the tablet, Microsoft has built on its features and continued to innovate.  The arrival of Surface Pro 4 has been one of the most hotly anticipated products of 2015, and following the advanced look at the device we were given, rightly so. 

The device delivers some exciting new features and in our opinion is a serious business machine, with potential to suit a variety of different users, not just those on the go who seek multi-mode computing in a single device. Here’s the seven innovations that really stood out for us during our sneak peek and should make you look closer at Surface.


1. Rich display

A new brighter display composed of 5,000,000 pixels makes creative work easier, and brings rich content to life, but is also engineered to have minimal impact on battery life.  As such, Surface is likely to appeal to a new group of users involved in digital content creation.

2. Built for Windows 10

The arrival of Windows 10 heralds new breakthroughs in user experience.  The Surface pro 4 is built from the ground up to take advantage of the new features of Windows 10, improving productivity, compatibility and security, leveraging features such as Continuum, and new front and rear cameras for Windows Hello.

3. Powered by Skylake

Intel’s latest Skylake processor architecture gives a 30% performance boost over the Surface Pro 3, whilst also extending battery life and better securing the device thanks to powerful new features.

4. Keyboard built for power users

The new Surface Pro 4 keyboard has been designed with power users in mind.  Optimised to improve productivity on the go, the keyboard comes with an improved chiclet design, new key spacing to reduce errors, and a totally redesigned clickpad to improve navigation.

5. New Pen offers greater creative appeal

The new Surface Pro 4 Pen looks similar to its predecessor, but now has 10,000 points of pressure and is driven by new software following Microsoft’s acquisition of ntrig.  Likewise, Microsoft has worked extensively with Adobe on the Surface Pro 4 to ensure that combined with Surface Pen it will be the go-to device for Adobe creatives.

6. More efficient docking

Following feedback from users, the dock has been completely overhauled, designed instead as an AC adapter for mobility and flexibility, while retaining all the same ports, making it ideal for mobile workers and hot-desking.

7. Impressive statistics

While the chassis still holds all the hallmarks of a Surface device, it is now thinner and lighter than ever.  At less than 8.5mm thick, and weighing under 850g, it outclasses even the most slender of notebooks.

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