Softcat Guest Blog: The rebirth of Veritas

Posted on Thursday, April 02, 2015
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By The Softcat News Team

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Welcome to Softcat’s guest blog – a digital deposit of some of the thoughts and opinions of members of the Softcat team. Today's post is from Lance Williams, Softcat's Alliances Manager.

I can’t help but play that Eminem track from 2002 in my head when I think about the re-launch of the VERITAS brand, “Guess who’s back, back again, VERITAS is back, tell a friend”.

As I joined the industry in 2005, the merger of Symantec and VERITAS was just finalising; estimated at $13.5bn, it was the largest merger deal that the IT industry had ever seen, and the message behind it, supported by the ying and yang logo, was great: data protected completely by securing it and keeping it available, no matter what – this was TOTAL data protection. So just over 10 years after the July 2005 merger completion, Symantec and Veritas will be going their separate ways again; operationally from 7th April, and legally from the 1st February 2016.

I’ve worked with the Veritas and Symantec folks for most of my career and, honestly, the split, or demerger, is the best thing they’ve done organisationally in years and I’m full of confidence that the two new companies will be more agile, more focused, and better to deal with for customers and partners, like Softcat!

While I was at a customer event a few weeks ago, I overheard a customer say, “Well no one gets fired for implementing NetBackup in the datacentre – it’s a safe-bet solution”… when I think about the current Veritas portfolio of solutions, I see a formidable line-up that has as much place in a datacentre in 2015, as any piece of data services software out in the market and, more importantly, I know many organisations, Softcat included, who rely on those solutions to protect their crown jewels; the data assets. Backup, high availability clustering (virtual & physical), data archiving, replication, bare metal recovery, P2V/V2P/V2V recoveries, and storage virtualisation (that’s Software-defined Storage in today’s speak)… it’s all there, the full line-up, only it’s not funky, new tech, it’s proven tech that has been protecting critical systems and data in all manner of datacentre sizes, including the largest, for well over a decade.

I’ve had a sneaky, insiders look into the future of the new Veritas company and it looks bright, very bright indeed, and when our Alliances Director, James, heads over to Orlando in June to attend their Global kick-off event, we’ll get an even closer look at the plans! So, my impartial advice, as Alliances Manager at Softcat, is don’t let uncertainty hold you back from investing in/proposing Veritas technology, as their future is bright, their current technologies are ALL solid (yes, even Backup Exec – the new 2015 version is out on the 7th April) and do rely on Softcat’s datacentre experts to make the right judgement call on the right solution fit for your unique data protection requirements.

If you’d like to get in touch with me directly for any further conversation, debate, or advice, then please email me here or @lance_williams on Twitter.

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