Getting more from Backup Exec with Veritas

Posted on Friday, September 18, 2020
By The Softcat News Team

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Veritas Backup Exec is a product with decades of experience in the market and still remains one of the most deployed backup platforms on the planet. Softcat are the largest supplier of Backup Exec in the UK and we want to give back value to our loyal customers through our “Getting more from Backup Exec” webinar.


· Introduction

· What’s new with Backup Exec

· Getting value from your investment

· Levering Cloud

· Disaster Recovery

· Ransomware


· BE Roadmap

· Q&A


Scott Holmes - Softcat Senior Datacentre & Cloud Consultant, Softcat

Olivia Edwards – Partner Sales Engineer, Veritas

Ed Halse – Partner Sales Manager, Veritas



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