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Softcat Graduate Schemes

Are you a bright and ambitious graduate?

Each year we carefully select talented graduates to join our prestigious Graduate Sales Program, which is designed to help you hit the ground running and give you every opportunity to excel. You’ll join a six-month onboarding program which includes classroom training, on-the-job mentoring and individual coaching.

How to apply

As you'd expect, our popular Graduate Sales Program is very competitive and so we only accept top-calibre candidates.

You'll likely be a graduate with a 2:1 or above in any subject, though your degree grade isn't as important as your attitude, ambition and ability. We can teach you everything you need to know, as long as you are Softcat material! 

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Training plan

3-week induction

Your Softcat career kicks off with 3 weeks of intensive classroom training, where you'll meet our senior leaders, start getting to grips with tech, and learn Sales Best Practices. Sales floor training

Sales floor training

When your classroom training is complete, you'll move onto the sales floor to put your new skills into practice. Your dedicated mentor will help you learn the ropes, and fortnightly one-to-one sessions with your Team Leader will help you progress smoothly.

On-boarding program

During your first six months with us you'll have weekly training sessions to build your skills and teach you more advanced sales tactics. We encourage you to embrace your individual sales style, so you'll have training sessions to help you define and refine your own selling style.

Meow to Roar

After six months, and throughout your Softcat career, you'll have the opportunity to attend regular technology and sales seminars. Our Meow to Roar program teaches you how to build your business more strategically and maximise your revenue.

Advanced sales techniques

Our 6-week Sales Vendor Academy is an opportunity to learn more about our products and partners, and learn advanced sales techniques.

Enterprise level training

You can enrol on our Solution Sales Academy, sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. This is a six-month advanced training course that teaches you to operate at Board Level. You'll learn to work with senior decision makers to secure enterprise-level business opportunities and maximise your growth potential.

Tailored training

After two years, your training becomes increasingly personal, tailored to your individual career goals. You'll define your development areas and we'll deliver regular one-to-one coaching to help you hit your targets.

Progression plan

Account Executive

You'll join our Graduate Sales Program as an Account Executive, where you'll spend 12 months building your skills and confidence.

Account Manager

When you've completed your training you'll become an Account Manager, taking ownership over your own customer portfolio. From here, you can choose one of two paths.

Senior Account Manager

If you prefer to focus purely on growing your own business, we'll support you to develop strategically and maximise your portfolio. You'll become a Senior Account Manager, an Account Director and a Senior Account Director as your business goes from strength to strength.


If you're motivated by helping others achieve their full potential you might prefer the management route instead. In this case we'll give you ample opportunity to build your management skills, starting with your first Mentor role when you've been with us after 18 months.

Team Leader

After 2 years you'll step into a Deputy Team Leader role, working with a Team Leader to manage up to 12 Account Managers. If you prove you can balance your own success while helping others thrive, a Team Leader position will be your next step.

Sales Manager

If you're ambitious, you could progress into a Sales Manager position, where you'll manage up to 40 people. After that? Who knows! We promote from within wherever possible, which means there are always opportunities for the taking.

The sky's the limit!

At Softcat, there are also numerous opportunities to progress laterally. You could move into a Sales Specialist role, specialising in a certain technology. We'll always be as flexible as possible to support your growth, wherever you want to go.

Graduate recruitment process

We have Intake Days for our Graduate Sales Program throughout the year so we’ll agree a start date that works best for you. You can defer your start-date with Softcat for up to 6 months, so even if you’re still studying or planning to take a post-Uni break, you can still secure your career us.

Send us your CV

To apply for our Graduate Sales Program, send us your CV and if you have Softcat potential one of our recruitment team will give you a ring.

Telephone interview

This short telephone interview gives you and us a clear idea of how you’ll fit in with Softcat. We want to find out about your own career goals, and see how well you build rapport.

Assessment Workshop

You’ll learn more about Softcat and meet other candidates, and take part in group activities to test your teamwork skills.

Face-to-face interview

If you impress us on your Assessment Workshop, the next step is a face-to-face interview with HR and a Sales Manager to make sure we're a good match for each other.

Telephone interview

The final stage is a telephone interview with the Softcat Sales Director for your region. These interviews dig deeper into your character, skills and career goals.

Welcome to Softcat!

We’ll let you know almost instantly whether you’ll be offered a permanent role at Softcat and you'll start with our other graduates on one of our regular Intake Days.

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