Our Share Incentive Plan

Our Share Incentive Plan (SIP) gives you the chance to invest in Softcat easily and conveniently with advantages over normal investors.

This is because you can purchase Softcat shares each month (up to £150 per month or 10% of your taxable pay, whichever is lower) from your pay before it is taxed. Plus, if you’re still employed with us, and decide to keep your shares in the SIP for at least five years, there is no income tax, national insurance or capital gains tax to pay on the amount you invested or any increase in the value of your shares.

By purchasing shares through the SIP, you will be entitled to the same privileges as any other Softcat shareholder, namely:

  • to vote at our annual general meetings; and

  • to receive any dividends paid which you can choose to either receive in cash or re-invest to purchase additional Softcat shares.

To join the plan you need to:

  • be a UK taxpayer; and

  • have been continuously employed by Softcat for three months prior to purchasing shares.

If you meet the above criteria, you can join at any time.

Already a member of the SIP?

The SIP is very flexible

You can change or stop your monthly payment, take the dividends as cash, or invest a lump sum before the end of the tax year directly through www.purpletrader.com or by contacting Link Asset Services on 0371 664 0330 or [email protected].

Any other questions?

Check out www.purpletrader.com/forms/FAQ.aspx where you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the SIP.

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For terms and conditions, or to participate in the SIP, simply log into www.purpletrader.com using your Unique Investor Code which will be sent you as soon as you’re eligible to join the SIP.

It is important to remember the price of shares can go down as well as up and, because your investment in shares through the SIP will be exposed to the risk of the Softcat's share price falling in value, you could ultimately lose money. You should note that historic share price performance is no guarantee of future share price performance.

If you are unsure about joining, you should seek independent financial advice.

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