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Trend Micro

Our Partnership allows us to help to make the world a safer place for exchanging digital information.

Trend Micro is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, helping to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Our partnership leverages innovative solutions, providing layered security data centers, cloud environments, networks, and endpoints.

Softcat gains access to our leading Threat Research & Zero Day Programme - 15 global research centres, 450 internal researchers - constantly analysing and identifying new malware, ransomware, malicious URLs enabling vulnerabilities to be identified and disclosed quickly across a wide range of platforms.
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Zero Day Programme

15 global research centres, 450 internal researchers and the largest bug bounty programme in the world.

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Key Cloud Compliance

Aligned strengths with key cloud partnerships

Ability to monitor security & compliance best practices in the cloud, providing enhancement of Softcat’s Well-architected Framework (AWS).

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Security your way

Security your way, on-premise, virtual or in the cloud.

Purpose built, Trend Micro Cloud One™ delivers the operational efficiency required to support and secure your modern data centre, including physical servers and software, virtual servers, and desktop. With automation and flexibility, you can secure your journey to private and public cloud, as well as container environments, the way you want.

“‘Softcat is a key partner for Trend Micro, providing expertise service and reach to our joint customers.’ ”

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