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Case Study

Efficient cloud-based backup solution gives 24/7 peace of mind to Nuffield Health

Established in 1957, Nuffield Health is the UK’s leading not-for-profit healthcare organisation. Operating 31 hospitals, 112 fitness and wellbeing clubs, healthcare clinics,  over 200 workplace wellbeing services, and flagship programmes to support communities by widening access, Nuffield Health is committed to its vision of building a healthier nation.

Harbor total data backup solution

24/7/365 backup with daily reports

Sensitive data protected in line with GDPR

The Challenge

Nuffield Health’s backup solution was outdated – it was on-premise, unreliable and was taking half of a full-time employee’s (FTE’s) time to deal with issues. The system wasn’t scaling with the business which meant expensive hardware needed replacing and software was in need of upgrading. Having over 100 sites around the country compounded the issues and backup was highlighted as an area of risk for the business.

The Solution

Nuffield Health wanted a reliable, easy to use service from a specialist partner, with the ability to self-service and flexible enough to grow or shrink as required. Softcat suggested a managed service run in conjunction with Harbor, an all-in-one platform for digital security. Harbor manage backups 24/7/365 and provide a daily report on the state of backups and any action that has been, or needs to be, taken. The cloud-based solution took two weeks to install, covering over 100 sites, and live services were being backed up within the first month.

The Benefits

This was a large, complex deployment, and the benefits were immediately seen. Nuffield Health has saved around three FTE hours each day, and now spend less than one FTE hour each day checking issues. Backups are being carried out more successfully and the IT team is now able to focus on supporting the business objectives of the organisation, as well as having peace of mind that backups are reliable and being managed by experts. Nuffield Health are now able to continue to reduce spend each year as they migrate legacy services to new SaaS services.


  • Softcat-Harbor partnership deployed new system in two weeks
  • Implemented cloud-based backup
  • Saves three hours of an employee’s time each day

Why Softcat? 

Softcat provided expert advice, suggesting a trusted partner to work with to deliver a solution appropriate for Nuffield Health’s requirements. The partnership of Softcat and Harbor gave Nuffield Health a strong team to introduce a specialist solution. Managing data correctly is important, but can be time consuming, and outsourcing to an expert gives peace of mind and reduces issues with data loss, complying with GDPR.