Microsoft and GDPR

As one of the world’s largest technology companies, Microsoft is at the forefront of providing GDPR solutions and innovations. At Softcat we can help you implement the right Microsoft solution for your GDPR challenge—whether you need to assess, secure, manage or process your data.

Assess if GDPR applies to your company. Do you need to invest in new technology or are you already covered? Microsoft has a range of options, including the Azure Data Catalog, which helps you keep track of the sources of all the data your company uses. Also look at analytics dashboards such as Dynamic 365 and a range of options for personal data protection.

Understanding risk is essential to modern business. Data can be in danger from hackers or breaches, but is also at risk from simply doing daily tasks without due care and attention. Microsoft can help identify weaknesses and offer strong solutions such as cloud storage which meets the tough regulatory standards that mean data is as safe as can be.

GDPR has changed the way personal data can be used. Companies now have a duty of care to everyone they possess data on. Companies need tools like Microsoft Azure Active Inventory and Azure Information Protection, to ensure that data can be accessed, changed and restricted or released in real time for each individual data subject.

Each time you process personal data, the GDPR demands that your company keeps a track of the actions taken and the reasons. That means a volume of data generated every time you access personal data. Microsoft cloud services have a range of built-in auditing tools which note down every action so you are covered with every click.

The range of Microsoft solutions
which make it easy to comply with
GDPR is huge.

In fact, we partner with Microsoft on such a great number of possibilities
for your business, we couldn’t possibly outline them all here. Below is an
overview of some solutions on offer. And if you have a specific use case
that isn’t covered here, contact us at Softcat and we will discuss other
Microsoft offers that could cover the needs of your business.


Dynamics 365

Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Office 365


SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

Windows and Windows Server

Need to know more?

Talk about these and other solutions in more detail. Softcat has a long successful
history of partnering with Microsoft, and our shared commitment to helping
companies meet the requirements on GDPR makes us an ideal team. Speak to us
new to discuss your specific business and its needs.

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