Veritas O365 Back-Up

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If you have moved or are thinking of moving to Office 365, we are here to ensure your business-critical data remains protected.

Did you know that Microsoft explicitly states in its service agreement that you are solely responsible for the protection of your data in Office 365? (See section 1d of the agreement.)

The good news is that Veritas' long-trusted data protection capabilities extend to Office 365.

Join us on our monthly webinar to find out:

• Why you need to back Office365

• How SaaS Backup can help you

• A demo of Veritas SaaS Backup

Register now and join Softcat/Veritas on this 40-minute webinar, to learn why and how to protect data within Office 365.

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Online event

Wednesday 18 December 2019 15:00 - 15:40 GMT

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This event is free