Softcat & VMware NSX Experience Day

The Hospital Club
09:00 - 13:00 GMT
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We're hosting a 1-day event in partnership with VMware to provide a technical overview of VMware's NSX Security features. This experience day provides hands-on experience of how the VMware NSX network virtualisation platform enables advanced security.

This technical session will highlight:

  • VMware NSX Architecture and Components
  • Data Centre Security Design
  • Overview of VMware NSX Distributed and Edge Firewalls
  • Configuring VMware NSX Firewall Rules
  • Service Composer and Enabling Security Automation
  • Security Monitoring and Visibility


NSX 101 Technical Overview

This will be an interactive, white-boarding session to introduce the capabilities of NSX. We will cover all the NSX features and capabilities (logical switching, routing, firewalling and load balancing), how these translate to the 3 main use cases: Automation, Security & Application Continuity, as well as real examples of how other customers of ours have benefited from it. Security being the primary use case, you’ll learn about the concept of Micro-segmentation (Zero-trust security) within the Data Centre, how we work with our ecosystem partners and integrate with Advanced Security Services, such as IPS or IDS to achieve better security, and simplify operations, speed up service delivery.

Planning Micro-Segmentation with vRealise Network Insight

Are you looking at ways to modernise the way you secure the inside of your Data Centre, get better visibility and control, perhaps preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Are you looking for ways to speed up application deployment, eliminate manual, error prone and lengthy processes to deliver network services to the business? Micro-Segmentation has become a popular way of addressing these questions, something you’ll learn about during the first half of day. Delivering Micro-segmentation within your Data Centre is easier said than done. The purpose of the second half of the day is to introduce a platform that will help you planning micro-segmentation and give you better control and visibility over your physical and virtual estate.


John SutchSenior System Engineer, NSX
Reka Balogh: NSX Specialist
David Brookes-Smith: Softcat, Networking and Security Specialist


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The Hospital Club

Tuesday 30 October 2018 09:00 - 13:00 GMT

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This event is free View on map