Connect the dots with Softcat and Mimecast

11:00 - 11:45 GMT
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Security Ecosystems Webinar Series

Episode 1: Connect the Dots with Softcat and Mimecast

This webinar series is part of our Cyber Security Ecosystems campaign, which involves a few of our key partners that will help you to drive efficiencies through creating a security ecosystem.

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Episode 3: Power of Platforms with Softcat, Mimecast and Palo Alto Networks, here.

Episode 4: Automate and operate with Softcat, Mimecast and Rapid7, here.



Security is all about balance and you need to balance your changing business needs and existing security environment as you grow. By understanding your unique business requirements you can then understand your cyber security requirements and how you can make more from what you already own by connecting the dots with your security. There’s always more ways to connect your technology so you’re getting the most out of it to protect your organisation, this results in driving efficiencies, optimising your existing assets and minimising vendor sprawl. Our webinar will provide an introduction to creating your own cyber ecosystem and the benefits to this.


  • Introduction to the Mimecast and Softcat partnership
  • What is a security ecosystem?
  • How does building an ecosystem benefit your organisation?
  • Doing more with your Mimecast technology
  • Q & A


Adam Louca, Chief Technologist for Security, Softcat
Trevor Highley, Specialist Sales Manager, Softcat
Jules Martin, VP Business Development, Mimecast

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Thursday 25 February 2021 11:00 - 11:45 GMT

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