How to Secure AWS Workloads with Check Point & Softcat

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09:30 - 11:30 GMT
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Join an interactive discussion where you will receive technical insight around securing AWS workloads and improving compliance.

In this technical, interactive workshop, we will discuss how to secure your AWS workloads and achieve best practice around compliance, without hindering the role of your cloud native teams.

It will be demonstrated through the knowledge and experience of Anthony Hayes, an AWS Solutions Architect at Softcat, alongside Matt Griffiths, a Security Engineer at Check Point.

Anthony will cover the benefits of AWS – including how they are utilised by DevOps teams – and where there are security gaps.

Matt will address these gaps through demonstrating Dome9, which is a security orchestration and compliance tool that integrates with, and complements, AWS. Following the session, you will be granted access to Dome9 labs, which will allow you to put into practice the topics that are discussed on the day.Please be prepared to turn your camera on for the duration. Ensuring the workshop is interactive will increase the value, and enjoyment, for all attendees.


Anthony Hayes, AWS Solutions Architect, Softcat

Matt Griffiths, Security Engineer, Check Point

Matt Tavaré, Check Point Business Manager, Softcat

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Online event

Thursday 26 November 2020 09:30 - 11:30 GMT

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This event is free