Detect Ransomware And Malicious Activities At Scale: Splunk and Softcat

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Ransomware attacks, such as the recent WannaCry or Petya, aren't particular about the type of industry, company or organization they affect. It can affect everyone. Beyond this, malware is usually viewed as a security issue, though the fast propagation and major business-wide impacts show that ransomware, as a type of malware, is a greater concern that penetrates through the whole IT department.

How can you better prepare for, and respond to, such threats?

Understanding how to see end-to-end may sound daunting but believe it or not, the best protection against ransomware is to maintain good security hygiene principles. As well as easily assessing posture across the environment, before quickly investigating, verifying, and responding from a single location.

To help relieve the ransomware hangover that's resulted from recent events Softcat and Splunk are hosting a webinar that teaches you how to apply a broader analytical approach. This approach utilises data-driven techniques to quickly pinpoint the source of an attack and determine the appropriate remediation steps.

Sign-up and understand how Softcat and Splunk can help to:

  •  Detect ransomware before your users do

  •  Centralize tools & data to gain visibility

  •  Accurately scope the impact and spread of an infection

  •  Determine the root cause faster to take the right remediation steps

  • Deal with issues once, not over and over again.

This event is presented by Adam Louca, Softcat's Chief Security Technologist. 

Adam is our leading technical authority in the security and networking arena, reporting directly into our CTO. Adam has been working at Softcat for the last six years in the security team where he's developed through self-learning and on the job experience, developing his excellent architectural & solutions based knowledge of security. Customers value the knowledge & strategy that he brings to the table as it enables them to take what is often a complex subject (security) and break it down into manageable, actionable projects.

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Online event

Wednesday 08 November 2017 10:00 - 10:45 GMT

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This event is free