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Customer satisfaction survey

At Softcat, we truly care about what our customers think of us. That’s why for the last seven years we’ve polled our customers in an annual survey to hear how we’re performing and to learn how we can do better.

Here are the highlights from this year’s 1550+ respondents:

  • 96% of those surveyed said that overall they’re either satisfied or very satisfied with Softcat as a company to do business with
  • The 5th year in a row that we have achieved over 95% satisfaction
  • 80% of our customers see us as their ‘go to’ software licensing experts
  • 81% use us regularly for hardware supply
  • Nearly 50% work with us on IT security solutions
  • Almost a 1/4 seek our assistance for complex storage and networking solutions

We’re very proud of these results and feel it demonstrates our company service ethos and pursuit of customer service excellence.

Results that matter to you

Off the back of this year’s customer satisfaction survey, we have used some of the results of the 1500+ responses to create a Business Technology Report. The report looks at the trends in IT priorities across 18 industries in the UK&I over the past 3 years, to see how they’ve changed.

Are your organisation’s IT priorities in line with others in your industry? Is everyone around you focusing on cyber security while you’re investing into communication? This is the perfect opportunity to compare yourself to others, and see what trends are emerging in your industry…