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Multinational IT Services

Why Softcat for Multinational?

  • Multinational organisations face common challenges procuring and supporting their IT infrastructure globally. Operating in multiple countries means managing multiple partners, often with inconsistent levels of service. Cultural differences can lead to misunderstanding, and different countries have varied expectations around responsiveness and preferred methods of communication.
  • Softcat helps multinational organisations reduce the complexity of IT service delivery across their international operations. Working with us provides familiarity and consistency across your global estate, reducing complexity, increasing productivity and minimising risk. We offer the same high level of customer focus and service internationally, with local business knowledge, regional presence, global logistics expertise and a strong network of partners through our GPN (Global Partner Network).
  • We recognise that everyone works differently, from company to company and culture to culture. Therefore, having a deep understanding of this ensures we are confident we can help a variety of organisations from all sectors, to meet every company’s need.

Our Global Locations

Softcat have offices and logistics hubs in key locations around the world. Our HQ is in the United Kingdom supported by offices in Washington, the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and Dublin. This means we can liaise with you and your teams across all major time zones and deliver product and service to your international locations in country, in local currency with local taxes applied. Whether you want a single in-country contact or support from a multinational team, Softcat can provide the account management you need, where you need it.

Exporting your IT

Consolidating your procurement into fewer locations simplifies your commercial arrangements. As a partner that is familiar with global trade, our Export Team specialise in shipping IT products globally, often to challenging destinations. We’re fully compliant with international import/export controls and our manufacturers’ international policies so we can support your products, wherever they are deployed.

With daily shipments to common locations in North America, Europe and Asia we have the expertise and experience to provide fast and cost-effective global shipping solutions at scale. We regularly deliver to countries with complicated import procedures and understand these requirements, so we can work with you to facilitate imports or deliver directly with our Importer of Record (IOR) service.

Global Partner Network (GPN)

For many organisations, maintaining a network of partners around the world is a time intensive exercise, especially for their smaller offices where they aren’t engaging with suppliers regularly. Our GPN comprises IT suppliers around the world who deliver products and services locally in their home territory. Our Partner Management Team ensure these organisations have passed careful due diligence of their capabilities and accreditations. Customers working with the Softcat GPN, will benefit from our scale and strong relationships with partner companies. We provide flexible billing arrangements so your organisation can benefit from local billing or consolidated centralised invoicing.

Manufacturer Engagement

Although technology is a global industry, it often operates in a siloed country or region-specific manner. This can make it challenging to ensure consistency of device and drive commercial benefits of international scale procurement. Preferred products may not be available in every territory, product lifecycles can vary, and discount levels may not be achieved in locations with smaller requirements. We’re experts at working with our manufacturer partners and their global programmes. Our understanding of global bid and manufacturing processes and our regional offices help our customers in their engagement with IT Vendors.


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