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Partner Overview - Rapid7

Why Softcat for Rapid7?

Rapid7 is advancing security with visibility, analytics, and automation delivered through our Insight cloud. Our solutions simplify the complex, allowing security teams to work more effectively with IT and development to reduce vulnerabilities, monitor for malicious behavior, investigate and shut down attacks, and automate routine tasks. Over 8,500 customers rely on Rapid7 technology, services, and research to improve security outcomes and securely advance their organisations.

Softcat hold the highest accreditation level as a Gold Rapid7 partner and we continue to grow this valuable partnership. Softcat have been a Rapid7 partner for over 5 years and continue to be a major Rapid7 partner in the UKI. They hold a deep level of knowledge and resource for Rapid7 and have proven repeatedly their expertise across Rapid7 technologies.

Solutions with Rapid7

Networking & Security

Rapid7 offers visibility, analytics and automation to your organisation's network through live vulnerability management and endpoint analytics to view real time risk through InsightVM and can also unify UBA, SIEM and EDR technology so you can prioritize your response efforts through InsightIDR. Application technology is evolving at a rapid pace, InsightAppsec scans your complex, internal and external modern web applications to effectively test for risk and deliver the insight you need to remediate faster. You can unite your technology stack through custom workflows to accelerate security and IT processes using InsightConnect.

Softcat's comprehensive network and security team can provide you with invaluable knowledge to assist you with selecting the correct solution for your organisation's individual security needs.


All of Rapid7's Insight Platforms security solutions are delivered 100% in the cloud. The Rapid7 Insight Cloud equips you with the visibility, analytics and automation you need to unite your teams and work faster and smarter. Security, IT and development now have one-click access to vulnerability management, application security, incident detection and response, automation and more.

Softcat are well versed on the products that make up the Insight Platform and their capabilities giving them the ability to deliver a comprehensive solution and service to your organisation.


Security programs supported by adequate budget, talent and technology are a lot like unicorns, we desperately want to believe they exist, but have yet to see the proof. Our managed service team can help you get one step closer to gaining a well- managed ever evolving program without the need for in house hires. We offer the best experts on the market to quickly leverage and maximise your security investment by handling requirements of incident detection and response, vulnerability scanning and/ or application security for you, offering regular assessments and concise reporting.

Working closely with Rapid7, Softcat can ensure that you receive proactive monitoring enabling higher productivity for your teams, saving you time and money.

IT Priorities with Rapid7