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Partner Overview - NetApp

Why Softcat for NetApp?

Softcat and NetApp have a long-established partnership spanning more than ten years and a dedicated team of NetApp presales consultants and implementation engineers who support a NetApp solution throughout its entire lifecycle. These specialists work seamlessly with our wider team and other technology experts, making certain we have a comprehensive understanding of the implications and requirements of a platform, informing our delivery of the solutions best suited to an environment.

Solutions with NetApp


NetApp is renowned for their ground-breaking approach to simplifying the management and storage of data. Its powerful storage systems cover a range of platforms, from virtual and database environments to backup and disaster recovery, helping customers to achieve productive, efficient and modern Data Fabric.

Softcat works with NetApp on a variety of primary storage environments, so we're used to deploying against commonly used reference architectures such as FlexPod and addressing challenging dilemmas of cost, performance and scalability, therefore optimising investments made in this critical infrastructure. Through countless deployments we have developed proven delivery processes that diminish risk and see functioning environments live in the shortest time possible.

End User Computing & Mobility

Thanks to NetApp's mature all-flash solutions capability and unique storage efficiencies, the infrastructure responsible for a end user computing & mobility environment and the applications delivered from it is both fast and reliable.

Softcat's expert team are well-practiced in placing NetApp technology into the solution stacks an organisation will explore to support its end user computing & mobility strategy.


Softcat has considerable technical resource at our disposal, personnel considered experts in their field and engineers exclusively aligned to NetApp.

Through projects of every scale and need, we have gained significant experience in both current and legacy NetApp technologies, which in turn has taught us real-world know-how and enabled us to shape processes that reduce the risk tied to critical projects involving their systems.

IT Priorities with NetApp

Latest NetApp Activity