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Partner Overview - Mimecast

Why Softcat for Mimecast?

As the number one Mimecast partner globally, Softcat is at the forefront of Mimecast services and is considered a leading authority in their technology.
This enviable position affords us priority access to wider Mimecast resources, privileged insight into future developments, greater commercial flexibility
and means our people are always up to speed with all things Mimecast.
It's the result of an exceptionally close, longstanding, working relationship that sees Softcat and Mimecast work in tandem to ensure our customers always
arrive at the most suitable solution for the security, storage and continuity of email.

Solutions with Mimecast


Mimecast's platform is delivered 100% in the cloud – that means no more on-premise technology for the security, archiving and protection of email. Whether you need to run Mimecast concurrently with on-premise email deployment, or use a cloud service like Office 365, it seamlessly integrates to guarantee 100% uptime of email, instant and unlimited archiving, unrivalled security and offers advanced features to improve mobile working.

Softcat can offer advice, and deploy Mimecast services, to fulfil some or all of these roles depending on your organisation's circumstances.

End User Computing & Mobility

Mimecast services have the potential to dramatically improve End User Computing and Mobile working practices through unique functionality delivered alongside both traditional and cloud-based email systems.

From mobile access to email archives, the ability to transfer large files to secure encryption of attachments, faster accessibility of information, a cut-down on mailbox bloat and the more secure transition of data, Softcat helps our customers harness the full potential of these innovations to transform working with email.

Networking & Security

Mimecast includes Advanced Threat Protection covering anti-virus, anti-spam and email filtering, plus Targeted Threat Services for protection from the most sophisticated threats to ensure end users are not subject to weaponised attacks, or even fraudulent email.

Softcat's wider Networking & Security team provide comprehensive assistance to select and activate the Mimecast services most suited to your organisation's individual security postures whilst remaining sympathetic to the investment already made in email protection.


Our strong relationship with Mimecast, and broad experience with its services has seen Softcat become experts across the entire Mimecast portfolio.

Working together with Mimecast, we help your organisation plan and action the services suitable for you to activate, and ensure the critical needs of security, archiving and continuity are properly addressed in every solution.

IT Priorities with Mimecast