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Partner Overview - Lenovo

Why Softcat for Lenovo?

Softcat’s partnership with Lenovo extends over a decade, our technical competencies and real-world expertise is why we hold Platinum Partner status.
Our enviable relationship with Lenovo grants us access to Lenovo resources and as well as the ability to purchase direct, enabling us to offer better commercial value for our customers. We are one of Lenovo's preferred Education Solution Partners, supporting the education market. We're also one of only 15 Workstation Expert Partners, providing technical knowledge and recommendations in this area. As we are fully certified across all of Lenovo’s product groups, Softcat simplify working with Lenovo, our expert understanding of their portfolio ensuring our customers are given quick and reliable guidance, inspiring greater confidence in using their products.

Solutions with Lenovo

Commodity Sourcing

Softcat is able to offer a host of complementary peripherals across each of Lenovo's product groups, sourcing them quickly and competitively.

Our virtual supply chain capabilities also enable us to source and supply practically any Lenovo technology, including legacy equipment that is typically harder to acquire.


Lenovo's extensive datacentre portfolio covers server, storage, networking and switching. Highly flexible and supremely reliable their products integrate seamlessly with mainstream and less common technologies that organisations may have deployed in their datacentre, whilst clever Lenovo-only innovations help organisations realise more from the infrastructure they depend on.

Their strong and impartial relationships with the world's leading software vendors have also helped Lenovo establish a leadership position in hyper-converged infrastructure. As a 'DCG Expert Achievers Partner', Softcat's 30-strong Datacentre team is fully trained in all of Lenovo's enterprise products. Matched to our broader acumen in this field, we are well-placed to support customers as they look to modernise datacentre infrastructure.

End User Computing & Mobility

Since its origins in 1984, Lenovo has been producing only the highest quality products in this arena, and is constantly pioneering new types of device, most recently through their 2 in 1 product range.

Revolutionary developments in security and data protection help IT teams better manage device estates whilst simple innovations enhance the user experience and keep personnel productive. Softcat's team maintains a thorough understanding of Lenovo's device line-up so we can always advise our customers which Lenovo technologies will best suit their EUC and mobility strategy.


Softcat is able to offer full-term deployment services across every aspect of the Lenovo portfolio.

We provide services that follow the product lifecycle ensuring that it is optimised, from solution design and planning to asset tagging, phased deployment, decommission and disposal. We are also able to offer training for customers around any of the Lenovo products that they may choose.

IT Priorities with Lenovo