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Partner Overview - Dell EMC

Why Softcat for Dell EMC?

Dell EMC is a multinational technology company based in the US that offers IT solutions and services across all areas of computing, networking and storage. The company was formed when Dell Inc. acquired EMC Corporation and its subsidiaries in September 2016. This merger combined the expertise and skillsets of both companies to create a market-leading force across end user computing, servers and storage.

Softcat partnered with both Dell and EMC prior to their merger, and held a top-tier status with both since the inception of their respective partner programmes. Post-acquisition Dell EMC and Softcat maintain a strategic, highly valued partnership and Softcat holds the highest available UK-based accreditation as a Titanium partner. Softcat collaborate with Dell EMC to provide customers with guidance on digital transformation and how to achieve this through innovative and complete IT solutions that are inclusive of both the legacy Dell and EMC portfolios. We are one of only a handful of partners to have achieved competency in every Dell EMC product category, which is the result of the extensive dedicated resources we have aligned to Dell EMC technology.

Solutions with Dell EMC


Dell EMC's technologies help to lay the groundwork to guide organisations through digital transformation by modernising and automating their datacentre with innovative and cutting-edge servers, storage, cloud computing solutions, and converged infrastructure technology. This approach and attitude has led to Dell EMC becoming a leading force in the datacentre market.

Softcat combine this product excellence with our own expert in-house technical resource to enable our customers to make informed decisions and arrive at solutions they can depend on. Softcat continues to be recognised in this arena and in 2015 we became Dell's largest storage partner in the UK.

Our knowledge of Dell's datacentre technologies is also helping us to create exciting new solutions that tie on-premise infrastructure with the cloud, offering unique 'cloud-in-a-box' solutions that present the chance to seamlessly burst into off-premise capacity in both VMware and Microsoft environments.

End User Computing & Mobility

Dell EMC is a leader in modernisation across its client devices, ecosystem and services which allows Dell EMC and Softcat to design solutions specifically for the way people work. Dell EMC has continually been at the forefront of client computing technologies and today possess one of the most complete technology line-ups in the industry.

From notebooks, to desktops, thin clients to ultra-powerful workstations and specialist rugged devices as well as all the peripherals and accessories needed to build an efficient and ergonomic work space, Dell EMC promises innovation and value. Softcat's elite partner status ensures we remain at the forefront of the Dell portfolio. For your organisation this means exclusive, advanced insight into Dell products, technology roadmaps, and support which help them to make the right choices for their business needs. Our complementary suite of services includes everything from product demonstrations from our in-house client specialist to proof of concept, accelerated delivery, installation and responsible disposal.

Networking & Security

Dell EMC's networking and security solutions extend across the entire enterprise and importantly are built on open-standards that support wider infrastructure integration, which breaks from the mould of the outdated and proprietary approach to networking. Dell EMC networking solutions are future-ready and can enhance both network infrastructure and its subsequent performance to help deliver an agile and efficient solution. Furthermore, Dell EMC’s Connectrix offering acts to ensure optimal efficiency and continuing SAN health for the datacentre.

Our dedicated Dell EMC team works closely with our 45-strong Network and Security consultants to align you with the Dell EMC Networking and Security technologies best suited to your environment.


Softcat provide a range of services to help organisations provision and manage their Dell EMC products within an existing infrastructure.

Whatever your need, Softcat are on hand to to act as an extension of your IT team to help you deliver the IT service your organisation needs.

IT Priorities with Dell EMC