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Partner Overview - Citrix

Partner overview – Citrix

Citrix is an American software company, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that provides server, application and desktop virtualisation, networking and cloud computing technologies. For over 30 years Citrix has been driven by an ambition to create technology that makes access to applications and data secure and easy. Inspired to power a connected world that joins up people and organisations, their technology brings together cloud, mobility, applications and data, enabling people to work anywhere, anytime. Today, more than 400,000 organisations around the world choose to use Citrix for secure access solutions.

Why Softcat for Citrix

Working closely with our customers to understand their desktop strategy is becoming more and more important. Our in-depth understanding of the end-to-end solution that Citrix offers enables us to advise, implement and support many customers in optimising their environments and the service levels that they provide to their users.


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Citrix's strong alliance with Microsoft means that we are well placed to ensure that our Citrix abilities are in tune with our Microsoft skills so that we can advise customers on the best solution for them and their users' needs.

Softcat and Citrix's partnership has grown from strength to strength since we joined forces over a decade ago. Continuous growth and commitment to customer success is what maintains Softcat's Platinum Partner status.
Justin Sutton-Parker, Director, Citrix Northern Europe Channel

Softcat Citrix Highlights

Solutions with Citrix

Software Licensing

Softcat has an excellent knowledge of Citrix's variety of licensing programs and understands how to give our customers the best licensing for their solutions.

Our expertise enables us to balance functional demands with commercial objectives to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved from the programs Citrix operate. Citrix deployments often trigger other software applications to be refreshed or modified, and our broad knowledge of software licensing means that our customers can get extended value from wider projects.


Citrix technology powers exceptional end user computing services direct from the datacentre, whether that's on-premise, off-premise, or using public cloud platforms.

Softcat has a wealth of expertise across all of the technologies that make this possible, including virtualisation, application delivery and traffic management. Our real-world expertise means we're able to closely match the right formula of products to the objectives our customers have.

End User Computing & Mobility

Citrix pioneer technologies that virtualise applications and desktop and the user experience is equal, or often superior, to traditional PC-client architectures.

Using all of the building blocks available in the Citrix technology stack, Softcat architect solutions that provide secure access to applications from any device, helping organisations adopt a modern end user computing strategy whilst dramatically cutting IT costs.


Softcat provide a range of services to help organisations provision and manage their Citrix products within an existing infrastructure.

Whatever your need, Softcat are on hand to to act as an extension of your IT team to help you deliver the IT service your organisation needs.

Networking & Security

Using Citrix's software-defined networking technologies, applications run faster and are delivered more securely and reliably.

With specialist skills in this arena, Softcat assists our customers in harnessing the value of this innovation and thereby reducing the ownership costs surrounding application delivery infrastructure.

Citrix Partner Awards

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Service Provider (CSP) Partner Program Distributor Award