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Partner Overview - Check Point

Why Softcat for Check Point?

Check Point Software Technologies Ltd is the largest pure-play security vendor in the industry. Since they broke new ground with their FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology, Check Point has continued to protect customers from every type of cyberattack imaginable, receiving industry acclaim for their fast response times to emerging threats.

Softcat holds Check Point's highest partner accreditation and is one of only three Elite Partners in the UK. As partners for over 15 years, we have invested heavily in a technical team to advise on, deploy and support Check Point solutions. We are the only partner in the UK to have multiple experts trained as Check Point Masters, and are one of only four partners in the UK to be entrusted with Managed Service Provider (MSP) status.

Solutions with Check Point

Software Licensing

Obtaining Check Point licensing can be complicated and requires a wealth of knowledge of its existing programmes and technology to better inform decisions.

Softcat's broad knowledge of software licensing means that we can negotiate licensing arrangements to get the best commercial value for our customers. For organisations that require service provider licensing schemes, we are also able to offer the same support working with these programmes. Through the work we do and the position we hold in Check Point's partner community, we work tirelessly to help improve and simplify the modes of licensing its technology.


Check Point technology was born as an enterprise-grade data centre firewall and is known for its heritage in ultra-fast firewalling in this arena.

As the boundaries between the datacentre and cloud blur, with Check Point technology it is possible to seamlessly stretch the same firewall beyond the on premise datacentre into the cloud to protect both off premise devices and services. Softcat is able to offer full-life project management in support of these solutions including design, installation, testing, commissioning, and support once live.


Softcat provide a range of services to help organisations provision and manage their Checkpoint products within an existing infrastructure.

Whatever your need, Softcat are on hand to to act as an extension of your IT team to help you deliver the IT service your organisation needs.

Networking & Security

Check Point offers an extensive range of security solutions and serves as an excellent platform for consolidating multiple security services onto a single next-generation firewall appliance. They also offer a next-gen security platform, as well as a threat-protection platform.

Through a host of security measures, customers can combine their protection into a single gateway solution which is easier to manage and cheaper to run. Softcat helps customers tailor these appliances dependent on whatever security posture is required and offer guidance on deployment as physical or virtual gateways based on the setup of customers' existing environments. The knowledge that spans our wider Networking and Security team also means we can help customers decide on measures that are sympathetic to existing investments in security and evaluate the pros and cons when considering the consolidation of solutions.

Products & Campaigns

IT Priorities with Check Point