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The Splunk & Softcat Remote Working Insights Webinar

Posted on Thursday, September 17, 2020
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By The Softcat News Team

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Our Solution for the Work-from-Home Reality

For customers responding to the current COVID-19 crisis by moving their employees to remote work, the Splunk Remote Work Insights solution offers real-time visibility across multiple disparate systems, such as VPN, Microsoft 365 and Cloud-based collaboration platforms.

Remote Work Insights empowers IT and Security teams to manage application and monitor business performance from remote locations while providing Executive stakeholders views into critical business operations and employee productivity.

Watch the full webinar here!


In this session, we’ll be outlining the various components to Splunk Remote Work insights, including a demonstration on the Remote Work Insights application and details on how Splunk is supporting businesses in these turbulent times with an approach designed to help them gain visibility as quickly and as easily as possible.


Craig Lodzinski - Chief Technologist for Data and Emerging Technologies, Softcat

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