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Straight in at number two! Softcat ranked 2nd best UK workplace by Great Place To Work

Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014
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By The Softcat News Team

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Also accepted specialist ‘Delivering Excellence in Leadership’ award
Entered in the large company category for the first time, Softcat was delighted to be announced a remarkable 2nd in the UK Great Place to Work rankings, at a prestigious awards ceremony in London last night.

The rankings are determined by reviewing employee satisfaction levels in companies across the UK. Softcat’s Executive chairman Martin Hellawell and Managing Director Colin Brown also jointly accepted a specialist award, ‘Delivering Excellence in Leadership’, in recognition of Softcat’s leadership efforts.

Chairman Martin Hellawell applauded Softcat staff for their on-going drive and commitment. “The positive can-do attitude of our employees, and their drive to act as a unified team, is what has made us a great company, and a great place to work. Everyone in the company has a vital role to play in maintaining Softcat’s formidable team culture and reputation for excellence. As well as the amazing overall company ranking, Colin and I were absolutely delighted to pick up the leadership award on behalf of all our employees, every one of whom leads by example and attitude everyday.”

“We take our employees’ happiness very seriously – in fact, we pin it at the heart of our operations. Every year as we hire more and more staff we strive to maintain the values with which we started in 1993: to keep our employees rewarded and motivated, which in turns drives great customer service, and then the financials look after themselves,” said Colin. “This is the third time we’ve submitted for ranking by this well-known international standard and we’re delighted to see such recognition. To be ranked alongside the likes of eBay and Microsoft in the large category and still achieve a top three ranking is a stupendous achievement, we’re delighted.”

HR and recruitment manager Shelley described some of the initiatives Softcat puts in place to ensure staff satisfaction: “We recruit people with great potential and the right attitude, give them excellent training and do everything we can to ensure everyone feels engaged with the company and fully aligned with the company’s values and goals. We try to ensure that people are recognised for their great achievements and the way we do that ranges from a pat on the back to taking them on some incredible incentive trips across the globe. Softcat also runs a number of programmes to promote a sense of togetherness and responsibility including our very extensive charity and CSR activities.”

The organisation responsible for compiling the Best Workplaces list is Great Place to Work. It uses its own workplace assessment tools to help companies interpret and improve their workplace cultures, and it uses its research, based on data from more than 10 million employees in 46 countries, to share stories and insights about great workplaces around the world.

Tom O’Byrne, Chief Executive, Great Place to Work, said: “We are particularly delighted for Softcat in this year’s awards. Not only did they achieve 2nd place in the large category, they also walked away with a special award for Excellence in Leadership. Employees are particularly appreciative of Softcat’s management and how they provide great opportunities, encouraging staff to grow professionally." He added, "Best Workplaces recognise the strategic importance of creating and maintaining high trust, highly engaged workplaces as this can improve business performance and, for many, the bottom line. Organisations are increasingly recognising the value of company values when it comes to creating a successful workplace culture and driving their businesses forward. Indeed, many of this year’s Best Workplaces say it’s their values which are fundamental to who they are, what they do and what they achieve.”

Softcat has grown revenues from approximately £150 million to approaching 3500 million in just the last four financial years. With four UK offices in Bristol, Manchester, London and Marlow, Softcat is currently recruiting extensively in all areas of its business to support its rapid growth and fully intends to keep its employees at the very centre of everything the company does well into the future.

Download the full list of winners and the Great Place to Work special report here

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