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Softcat rings in the new year with plans to hire 40+ new staff before Easter

Posted on Thursday, January 15, 2015
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By The Softcat News Team

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Softcat has made a new year’s resolution to hire even more new staff than usual, with an expected 40-50 recruits expected to join the ranks by Easter.

With new offices in Bristol and Leeds, it’s no wonder the IT infrastructure provider is looking for extra resource to support its growth, and it hopes that its existing reputation as one of the UK’s best employers will help with attracting some of the best talent out there.

“Last year our own staff rated us so highly as an employer that Great Place To Work ranked us as the UK’s no.2 workplace,” said Colin Brown, managing director. “We’re delighted to have earned this reputation, especially given the extraordinary lengths we go to look after our staff. We give them world-class training and serious incentives, which in turn helps us to deliver customer satisfaction – we have a current Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +67. With five UK offices, we’ve plenty of scope for recruiting throughout the year, and we hope to find at least 40 new candidates by Easter.”

Softcat aims to attract the best calibre of recruits with its generous perks and rewards scheme, which includes uncapped commission, incentive trips abroad, team dinners and nights out.

One member of staff said: “This year has seen so many amazing perks – we had our Christmas party at the Harry Potter studios, and loads of other nights out throughout the year including a boat party to celebrate our year-end. There are ping-pong tables in the office for relaxing at breaks, and an X-box experience. On top of all that we’re given little extras like free breakfasts, charity fundraising support and half-day holidays on our birthdays. It makes going to work fun.”

There are 13 different roles currently available, ranging from sales executives through to technical engineers and analysts. Softcat is also hiring sales support assistants. The full list of roles can be viewed here.

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