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Softcat gets its head in the Cloud with new partner Skyhigh Networks

Posted on Thursday, July 17, 2014
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By The Softcat News Team

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Softcat is partnering with the cloud visibility and enablement company Skyhigh Networks, with a view to providing its business customers with more comprehensive asset management and greater visibility and control of their employees’ cloud access and usage.

The partnership will come as welcome news to businesses looking to manage the growing number of public cloud applications used by employees for storage and communications, and the associated data security implications. Softcat have designed a consultative Asset Management service, which will use the intelligence of the Skyhigh Cloud Security Manager. This provides users with full visibility and control over access to cloud services and the data being shared, both from mobile devices or the corporate network.

Matt Ward, SAM manager at Softcat, said: “Many of our customers have expressed concern about the lack of control and visibility they have over data shared via public cloud applications such as Dropbox. A business can minimise its security risk by ensuring its assets are compliant and managed properly, but to do this there is a genuine requirement for greater business intelligence. We’ll use Skyhigh technology to power our SAM services and provide our customers with even more value. The key deliverables for our service are consultant-written reports and access to the Skyhigh dashboard. These resources will show senior management what cloud applications their employees are using and proactively flag up any existing risks. We can then use this data to make recommendations for improved asset management and security. When organisations better understand user drivers and technology adoption, approved alternatives can be implemented. The result of this will be vastly improved end user experiences.”

Softcat’s solutions director Sam Routledge said: “Skyhigh’s industry-leading technology will strengthen our current SAM offering for customers – there’s a real need for software like this. Public cloud applications such as Box can deliver excellent value to businesses, and Skyhigh’s solution enables them to be used with added security and control.” He added, “We’re finding that most organisations are using 10x more cloud-based apps than they realise. Our SAM services, enhanced by Skyhigh, will improve the visibility and control of end-user public cloud usage whilst ensuring compliance.”

Wayne Stephens, Skyhigh Networks EMEA Director Business Development and Channels said, “We are delighted to be working with Microsoft’s Worldwide SAM Partner of the Year Softcat, and believe their expertise and customer service levels will be the perfect platform to deliver our industry-leading technology”

The Cloud SAM Assessment Service and Skyhigh Networks is now available to purchase from Softcat. Contact your account manager on 01628 403 403 or [email protected].

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