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Six reasons why Adobe Creative Cloud offers creative freedom

Posted on Monday, January 18, 2016
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By Hannah Stone
Adobe Business Manager

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Adobe’s Creative Cloud is now the only way for businesses to access Adobe's creative suite of software. Some may be sad to see the back of perpetual licensing and perhaps feel forced to change approach, but Creative Cloud is revolutionising what’s possible from a software suite and offers a host of advantages you may not yet have considered.   

With Creative Cloud, Adobe is building an integrated platform on which to create, manage and store your creations. From exclusive tools to unique services like Adobe Stock, Creative Cloud has the potential to push your creativity further than ever before.

So what makes Adobe Creative Cloud worth moving to? What can you do with it that you couldn’t before? As Softcat’s Adobe business manager I’ve picked out six of my favourite features to help put you in the picture:

1. Always up-to-date

The first notable thing about the Creative Cloud is that you can get updates instantly. As soon as Adobe release a new feature, it’s available and there for you to use. Gone are the days when you found yourself waiting years for big releases for enhancements – you can get the latest versions instantly. Adobe wants your creativity to flourish, so you’re never being held back, but are constantly being updated.

2. Adobe invest in your creativity

This investment in feature enhancement only exists for Creative Cloud subscribers. On perpetual based licensing, there are no feature investments, so continuing with legacy software will mean you’re falling behind what is possible in the world of creative software. Likewise, Creative Cloud gives you access to hundreds of tutorials that enable you to learn while you create, helping to keep you abreast of every new feature as it’s introduced. Adobe’s integration of Behance, the world’s largest online creative community, also enables you to showcase your talents and projects to others.

3. It’s your cloud

Another great aspect of Creative Cloud is that it’s so accessible. Included in Creative Cloud is your own cloud based storage, enabling you to store and then access any of your projects, anywhere on any device, at any time. Scale the amount of storage as you need to, but never worry about where you’re storing your creative work again.

4. Be creative, even when you’re on the go

What’s more, Adobe’s Touch App can provide you with complete creative mobility and productivity – using the mobile-friendly Touch App pick up where you left on your touch screen device and see all changes automatically synchronise. For the first time, you’ll be able to switch between different devices depending on where you need to work and making working seamless when you’re on the go.

5. Improved manageability for corporate use

Creative Cloud comes with an admin console that helps manage all your licenses, assign licenses reassign licenses, and ultimately better manage how your team harnesses the software they need.  This makes the process of handling Adobe licensing significantly more efficient and so much easier than perpetual licensing, giving you the freedom to organise apps and updates in whatever way works best for your business.

6. Not one size fits all

Adobe has a host of plans for Creative Cloud, depending on the size and needs of your organisation, so you won’t be shoe-horned into a plan that isn’t right for you.

As a leading Adobe partner, we’ve helped countless organisations to make the move from perpetual licensing to Creative Cloud. We’d love to help you too; you can get in touch below. 

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