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ISO 20000 confirms Softcat’s service excellence

Posted on Monday, September 18, 2017
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By The Softcat News Team

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A determined commitment to customer service has seen the standards of leading IT infrastructure solutions provider, Softcat, independently validated through several ISO accreditations. And now they have a new accolade to celebrate, having demonstrated their excellence in service management. Softcat has attained the notable ISO 20000 accreditation, achieving a coveted 100% score. This internationally recognised standard sets them apart in the IT services field, further proving their unrivalled quality of service.

ISO 20000 is awarded to organisations that demonstrate the highest level of service excellence and best practice in IT management across the board. Evidence-based benchmarks are set and, once successful, certified companies are then required to continuously improve on delivery of their services.

It is this accreditation that Softcat has magnificently achieved with an outstanding score, elevating them to one of the top service providers in the market. This recognition establishes trust and maintains confidence for their customers, providing reassurance that all services are managed and effectively delivered with the highest level of reliability and service.  

With this attainment, Softcat has demonstrated that they can deliver outstanding, in-depth service management for customers. Maintaining strong relationships with only the best vendors, recruiting talented solutions engineers, and a dedicated service management team underpinned by a robust service continuity architecture, they have shown their resolve for delivering versatile, resilient services and providing the support that is required alongside them.

Mike Curtis, Services Director said, “This was a serious team effort, with colleagues working hard to evidence the enhancements and improvements we knew we were delivering. Our Services teams are filled with experts in their field, and the ISO accreditation demonstrates that this has been recognised to the highest degree. I’m confident that this places us well to continue working with our valued customers, offering a versatile range of services, and can now prove the service excellence we have always strived to deliver. A hearty well done to all involved.”

This achievement forms part of Softcat’s overall continuous improvement strategy, showing a determination to shine in all areas and deliver the best for customers. The addition of ISO 20000 to their arsenal, which already includes ISO standards in quality management, business continuity, information security, green IT and environmental management, stands as proof of a top quality of service experience and, as with all ISO accreditations, will see Softcat undergo regular surveillance audits to inspire their continual improvement.

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