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Customers reap the benefits from latest Adobe Creative Cloud revamp

Posted on Friday, July 04, 2014
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By The Softcat News Team

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Adobe has overhauled its Creative Cloud 2014 suite to include brand new features such as a redesigned personalised website on which users can view all products and seamlessly manage their team through an integrated admin console. The rebrand is the most significant since its last major update two years ago, when Creative Suite changed to Creative Cloud with the release of CS6.

Peter Ollerenshaw, Softcat’s Adobe Creative Cloud specialist, said: “These recent changes are all symptomatic of Adobe’s on-going drive to innovate and lead the market. They realised they needed to demonstrate value to customers moving to the subscription model, so they’ve introduced this wave of new features in Creative Cloud 2014. We’d encourage all our customers to upgrade to CC14 – the new features are incredible and offer far better value for money than the old Creative Suite 6 which is no longer available to channel customers.” *

Adobe has also introduced brand new versions of desktop and mobile apps, and other creative tools. One such tool is Photoshop’s Perspective Warp, which enables users to select, rotate and adjust a 2D image within a 3D workspace. Perhaps most interestingly, Adobe has released its first ever hardware application – the Ink & Slide, for use with the iPad, which makes sketching and drawing more natural and fluid. Currently only available in the US, it’s due to debut in Europe soon.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud 2014 is available to purchase from Softcat. Contact your account manager or email [email protected]?for more information.

*Education customers can still purchase Creative Suite 6 from Adobe direct.

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