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Maximising the Cloud and Improving Security Simultaneously

Microsoft HQ
15:30 - 17:00 GMT
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We are pleased to invite you to our event, co-sponsored by Check Point and Microsoft. Please see the below description of the session:

Softcat cloud security summary

The purpose of this session:

  • To provide a summary of cloud security realities and options
  • To demonstrate how Softcat help customers to choose appropriate controls, technologies and techniques to increase  protection as their cloud use increases.

Speaker: Adam Louca. Softcat Chief Technologist.


Microsoft Cloud Security

In this session we will:

  • Look at the high-level secure approach taken within Microsoft’s cloud platforms including;
  • How data is protected
  • Operational security
  • The session will focus on some of the complimentary technologies available “out-the-box” to secure your cloud computing environment end-to-end and provide a safe, secure platform for your cloud based services.

Speaker: Pete Jamieson. Public Sector CTO.

Securing Azure and Office365 with Check Point

As more businesses move their systems, services, applications and data to the cloud, the need for security is becoming more critical.  Learn how the strong partnership between Microsoft and Check Point can provide best in class experience and comprehensive protections to secure your Azure cloud infrastructure, services, applications and data against the increasingly evolving and complex attacks.


Check Point CloudGuard for Azure delivers comprehensive security tailored to protect public and hybrid cloud environments, allowing businesses to confidently extend their data centre applications and workflows to the cloud and connect to them securely.  As an Azure certified technology solution, CloudGuard compliments Azure cloud security controls to enable you to easily and seamlessly secure your assets in the cloud with elastic scalability and high availability using a cloud security solution integrated with both Azure and Azure Stack.

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Microsoft HQ

Thursday 15 November 2018 15:30 - 17:00 GMT

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This event is free View on map