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Manchester: Securing Microsoft’s Cloud

The Pen and Pencil
16:00 - 19:00 GMT
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Join us to discuss securing Microsoft’s cloud over a beer.

There will be three speakers – from Softcat, Check Point and Microsoft – covering the threat landscape in the cloud and their collaborative approach in response.

This approach varies based on the technology. Regarding Office 365, the customer is responsible for its data and managing access to this. In Azure, by contrast, the customer’s responsibilities are similar to securing their on traditional environment. While the challenges differ, we will be discussing the crossover in the methods to combat them.

Adam Louca, Chief Technologist at Softcat One Mistake Is All It Takes


Adam will be summarising the security challenges posed by the cloud, including how to form a strategy to protect your organisation against them. The risk of any breach in the cloud is greater due to the concentration of the environment, meaning it is crucial that you understand each of the potential vulnerabilities before addressing them.

Amit Schnitzer, Cloud Security Architect at Check Point The Human Element

Travelling over from Check Point’s headquarters in Israel, Amit will be focusing on the human element of cloud security. As on premises, it remains the most significant threat to an organisation. These vary from misconfiguration of a port in the public cloud to users not identifying malicious emails. Check Point provides granular visibility of these threats, along with the ability to automatically prevent or remediate issues.

Jack Lewis, Partner Architect at Microsoft Detect & Respond

Jack will be discussing how Microsoft tools and services can be used to protect, detect and respond to attacks, incorporating the use of behavioural analytics and anomaly detection methods to define the scope of the threat. This approach enables organisations to act effectively, when an attack has taken place. It also incorporates logs from third party vendors, such as Check Point, to improve detection and response capabilities.

We will be discussing all of this and more over a beer. We look forward to seeing you there!


16:00 Arrival and drinks

16:30 Adam Louca, Chief Technologist for Security at Softcat

16:45 Break

17:00 Amit Schnitzer, Cloud Security Architect at Check Point

17:15 Break

17:30 Jack Lewis, Partner Technical Architect at Microsoft

17:45 Summary

17:50 Food and drinks

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The Pen and Pencil

Wednesday 19 June 2019 16:00 - 19:00 GMT

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This event is free View on map