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Email, GDPR and personal data

Online event
11:00 - 11:40 GMT
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Every organisation using email to share personal data with external parties should consider what new measures are needed to ensure compliance with EU GDPR.

At the same time as addressing breach risks such as emails sent to the wrong recipient, businesses need tools to retain control of data, even after sharing, and rapidly understand where data is held and how data has been accessed at any time.

On our next GDPR webinar, Neil Larkins, COO of Egress, will be interviewed by Sean Hugget, GDPR Practitioner and CEO of CyberCrowd, about the new compliance challenges for organisations that share personal data using email as well as file transfer and online collaboration tools.

Join Neil and Sean as they discuss: 

  • What are the risks when sharing data with external parties?
  • How can you prevent email data breaches, including wrong recipient errors?
  • How can you retain control of data after sharing it?
  • Can you apply security but also track and audit data across all your emails?
  • Does Cloud technology enable or endanger compliance?


  • Neil Larkins, COO, Egress
  • Sean Huggett, CEO, CyberCrowd

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Online event

Wednesday 07 March 2018 11:00 - 11:40 GMT

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This event is free