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AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalogue with thousands of Software listings from independent Software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy and deploy software that runs on AWS.

Sophos Cloud Optix is now available on AWS Marketplace, More than 200,000 active AWS Marketplace customers can now easily access Sophos Cloud Optix, on a per host, per hour basis for flexible scaling, with no minimum term contract.

As modern organisations are evolving, their use of the public cloud to leverage scalable computing and storage and network services, cybercriminals are adapting their techniques to exploit hidden vulnerabilities in network architecture.

Softcat Employees inside a blue swirl

Keep your workforce secure by evolving to match the new tactics and threats

Sophos Cloud Optix enables your organization to accurately visualize and secure cloud infrastructure continuously, and confidently. Our intelligent cloud solution provides a single view of security posture across Kubernetes clusters, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and infrastructure-as-code environments.

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Benefits of...

Sophos Cloud Optix on AWS Marketplace

Create your Sophos Cloud Optix account directly through AWS Marketplace

Simply pay per cloud asset, per hour with no minimum contract

Get the same great management experience with your own dedicated Sophos Cloud Optix console

Manage environments across AWS, Azure and GCP through the same console

Pay AWS for the assets that Sophos Cloud Optix protects

AWS Marketplace

Deploy software on demand

1,400+ ISVs

Over 4,500 product listings

200,000 active customers

Over 650 million hours of EC2 deployed monthly

Deployed in 16 regions

Offers 35 categories

Flexible consumption and contract models

Easy and secure deployment, almost instantly

One consolidated bill

Always evolving

Softcat Partnering With AWS Marketplace

Softcat are one of the first partners to be delivering services and working with Sophos and AWS Marketplace in EMEA

Sophos are one of AWS key ISV’s when transacting on Marketplace

Customers can take advantage of ISV partner discount program via their own marketplace account

How Softcat and AWS work together

As a consulting partner with AWS Marketplace, Softcat are now part of the CPPO program. Which means our customers can now purchase software solutions in AWS Marketplace directly from Softcat.

Consulting Partner Private Offers

Purchase software in AWS Marketplace from Softcat, your preferred Consulting Partner.

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Consulting Partners can sell software directly in AWS Marketplace.

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Work with your preferred Consulting Partner from start to finish in your procurement process and benefit from their expertise.

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Gain benefits in AWS Marketplace such as seamless procurement and fulfillment, consolidated billing, and EDP spend.

Softcat & Sophos talk AWS

January 21st 10:30am-11.30am

Darren Sharpe - AWS Marketplace Senior Channel Manager
Chris Howell - Sophos Global Public Cloud Lead

Did you know that AWS can help you achieve a stronger security posture? Softcat and Sophos are coming together to discuss all things AWS and how their partnership makes the cloud a safer place, all through AWS marketplace.

1. Softcat’s partnership with AWS Marketplace and benefits to our customers.

2. Sophos Cloud Optix offering on your cloud environment.

3. What Sophos solutions are available? And why do they partner closely with Softcat and AWS?

4. How can customers utilise AWS and vendors such as Sophos, through Softcat.

5. Learn how you can extend your security solution with Softcat & Sophos in AWS Marketplace.

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