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The way in which organisations work has evolved. Both work styles and the workforce are changing and becoming more diverse. For teams to be at their very best, each member must feel included, have easy access to information and be able to participate fully in the collaborative process. Microsoft Teams enables that.

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Microsoft Teams solves the communication needs of a diverse workforce, bringing together chat, meetings, calling, and Office 365 to your phone while you are on the go. You can use Teams for informal 1:1 sessions or group chats, enabling you to share information in a transparent way & accelerate decision making. Microsoft Teams is built on the trust of Microsoft security & compliance that’s crucial for today’s businesses.



Microsoft Teams is a hub for collaboration too, bringing all the Office 365 services together in one single platform. Team members can collaborate effortlessly using the suite of built-in Office 365 apps and services, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Planner, and Power BI. This saves the time spent toggling between apps or searching various silos for information, making working together more seamless and improving team productivity.

Customizable and extensible.

You can tailor your Teams workspace to include key cloud services, explore data, and get updates from the apps your teams use every day. Create custom channels based on work streams or topics. Pin commonly used files and websites for easy reference. Add bots that work on your team’s behalf. Build custom integrations to your existing business processes with the Teams developer platform.


Enterprise security, compliance, and manageability.

Microsoft Teams provides the enterprise-level security, compliance, and management features you expect from Office 365. It includes broad support for compliance standards, as well as eDiscovery and legal hold for channels, chats and files. Microsoft Teams encrypts data at all times, at-rest and in-transit, and includes multi-factor authentication to enhance identity protection.


Microsoft 365 is the complete intelligent solution that gives you a direct path to a modern desktop

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Learn how Microsoft 365’s intelligent solution protects your information from threats.

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Microsoft Teams best practice workshop

With an increasing diversity of workplaces, business functions, and complex cross-functional projects within organisations, the need for effective teamwork has never been greater. For customers who are keen to improve collaboration in their business and are unfamiliar with the functionality of Microsoft Teams, Softcat’s Microsoft Teams best practice workshop is available to help. Our Technical Consultants will enable your IT team to understand the best use cases along with how to secure and govern use.

Phase 1


Defining scope, identifying stakeholders and covering off workshop deliverables

Phase 2

Envisioning Workshop

Understanding business challenges and priorities. Exploring art of the possible with Microsoft Teams

Phase 3

Planning Workshop

Definition of requirements and recommended next steps

Get in touch

Please complete the form if you are interested in attending the Microsoft Teams best practise workshop and one of our friendly technical consultants will be in touch to walk you through the process.

Why Softcat for Microsoft 365

Softcat has more dedicated Microsoft resources than any other partner in the UK. As a Microsoft Licensing Solutions Provider and Authorised Device Reseller, our 23-strong team know the Microsoft 365 products end-to-end, and will deliver tailored solutions to your environment built on Microsoft’s outstanding technology stack.

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