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Things move fast in the legal and financial sectors.

And there are more threats than ever before.

If you want to maintain your competitive edge, your people need the right devices.

Devices that make processes more efficient. Devices that are as secure as they are compliant. Devices that are flexible enough to cope with increasing workloads.

Make sure you can keep up – and your people can keep their cool – with Microsoft Surface running Microsoft 365.

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Challenges in your industry

Do more, day to day

Your people are working hard to meet this rising demand. They’re busier than ever, often jumping from client to client and location to location.

Keep your clients, keep them happy

More professional services teams are enhancing their client experience with technology. So, how can you give your customers the service they expect?

Stay secure, on the go

Your business is full of data that hackers want to steal and sell on. You need to make sure your people can capture and work with data safely.

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Jack the insurance adjuster

Jack works quickly and smoothly from the moment he switches on with the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 running Microsoft 365. Wherever he is, he can:

  • Take photos and notes on damage, using the integrated Surface Pen and OneNote.
  • Upload images directly and securely to OneDrive, and talk insurance quotes through with colleagues on Skype for Business.
  • Stay connected with built-in LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Work with legacy apps that run perfectly on Windows 10.
  • Get management approval and digital signatures, wherever he is. Then answer client questions right there and then via seamless Microsoft 365 integration.

Microsoft Surface. Built for seamless services.

Wherever your people need to work, they can do more, faster, with Microsoft Surface. Whether that’s starting the day quickly with the secure Windows Hello login. Taking notes on the spot with the Surface Pen. Or sharing information with Teams, Outlook Office co-authoring, and OneDrive.

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