Protect yourself from threats with Cisco Umbrella

Protect your devices and stop threats before they reach you.

At Softcat, we understand it’s vital that your users have optimal protection anywhere they access the internet. Cisco Umbrella offers just that. It’s quick, simple and cloud based, so users are continually protected, anywhere they go.

Umbrella also actively seeks out phishing, malware and ransomware threats, learning where attacks may come from and stopping them before they’ve even reached your door.

Simple, effective security. Watch the 2 minute video.

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Intelligent security for the best protection

Offering protection to every single device on your network, Cisco Umbrella is built into the foundation of the internet. It’s intelligent; learning from patterns and detecting anomalies, blocking attacks before they even start.

Identify and block threats before they happen

Softcat believe you will see the difference with Cisco Umbrella. Sign up for Cisco’s 14 day free trial and boost your defence system.

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