Can you find all the Christmas treasures?

Earn your place on our leaderboard by playing our Christmas Treasure Hunt!

Here are 3 reasons why you should start playing now:

Softcat will donate £5 to charity* on your behalf! It is the time for giving, after all. Find out more about our charities this year below.


You’ll be entered into our prize draw to win a luxury hamper.


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How to play

*Up to a maximum of £5,000



Where did you place?
Nickname Time
1 Hardware Associates 0m 29s
2 Chris Ashton 0m 41s
3 Chim Ree 0m 42s
4 Daddy 0m 47s
5 Hey ya - Outkast 0m 48s
6 RichM 0m 57s
7 RickM 1m 1s
8 Stan Robinsons (Stafford) ltd 1m 6s
9 Nobby Knows 1m 12s
10 DCA 1m 17s

How to play

Play our Christmas Treasure Hunt to explore the Softcat website and find the Festive Hamper. There are four clues, each clue leading you to a different Softcat page.
Here’s how you play:


Fill out the form and hit ‘Play now’


Your first clue will appear, this will direct you to a page on the Softcat website. On that page you will find a Christmas item where your clue popped up. You will need to click on the item to progress to the next clue. You can also see your current clue and the Christmas item you are looking for in the game widget on the right of the screen.


The last clue will lead you to a hidden festive hamper, click this and the game is complete! You will arrive back on this page to see your time.

Play now

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Luxury hamper

Be in with the chance to win a luxury hamper filled with festive food and wine! All you have to do is play our Christmas Treasure Hunt game to be entered into a raffle. From the raffle, we’ll pick a lucky winner who will receive the hamper! The lucky winner will be announced on Wednesday 2nd January. Happy playing and Merry Christmas!