You could be awarded a voucher for £2,000 to put towards the installation of fibre connectivity.

Softcat is working in partnership with Westminster City Council to facilitate businesses to upgrade to ultrafast broadband.

For postcodes across the Westminster borough, there will be the chance to apply for a £2,000 voucher towards the installation of fibre connectivity. The fund is first come, first served and should provide approximately 1400 SMEs with the opportunity to improve their connection.

WCC recognise the increasing use of Cloud and other online services, so have set a minimum requirement to ensure that all successful applications are provided with a dedicated connection and receive download speeds of at least 30MB/s.

To qualify, your company needs to meet the following eligibility criteria:
  • Employ fewer than 250 persons
  • Have an annual turnover below €50m
  • A balance sheet below €43m
  • Your business is not a subsidiary and/or under the control of a larger SME entity (25 threshold)
  • You must comply with the European State Aid rules
  • You must have received less than €200,000 in the current and two previous financial years in De Minimis aid
  • Your new connection must meet the required step change as set out in the T&C’s

Softcat will assist you throughout the application process, by assessing your eligibility, providing a supplier quote and implementing your faster, better broadband.

Complete the form to find out if your business is eligible.