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What is Meraki Go?

In today’s fast-paced environment, doing business depends on the internet.

Cisco’s new Meraki Go WiFi has been built with the local business owner in mind. It offers everything you need to give your business a technological edge while keeping you safe and secure with no need to network engineers! The simple to use smartphone app gives you an easy way to get up and running quickly.

As a Cisco Gold Partner, many of Softcat’s customers rely on Meraki solutions for their WiFi networks. Whether your business is providing guest WiFi, running a corporate network, or protecting point-of-sale devices, Meraki Go will make sure your network is both secure and a joy to use.

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"Cisco Meraki is pleased to work with Softcat as one of the exclusive launch partners for Meraki Go in the UK. Softcat's history of providing a high level of service in meeting the IT needs of small businesses makes them a natural choice for bringing this new product to market."

Lee Peterson Product Manager, Meraki Go

Softcat's Cisco Meraki Go WiFi Box Unopening

The Techy Bit

The Meraki Go WiFi system consists of two access point options – one indoor and one outdoor - and an easy to use app for set-up and management. You can;

  • Easily add multiple WiFi networks so that staff, guests, and point-of-sale devices can share a single internet connection
  • Set up blocked websites to secure your network
  • Easily limit usage of certain applications to protect from bandwidth overuse and prioritize your business-critical applications
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access point datasheet
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access point datasheet

Key facts

Web blocking for websites that you want to keep off your network

Usage limits for locations with limited internet bandwidth

Easily set up a guest wifi network separate from your POS or internal printers

Automatic security updates when there are new internet threats discovered

Check in on your network from anywhere - the app travels with you

Network alerts will email you if your network goes offline or if there is a usage spike

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